Meditation – 5 minute guided video

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Meditation. How do we add more of it into our lives? I know it can be difficult to find the time in the morning to meditate. Our lives are busy. However, with a little planning ahead it’s very possible. As often as I can, I begin my morning with some type of meditation ritual. (I will make a video about that specific practice as well and share it on my blog.) Also, here is a guide with 20 practical tips for beginner meditators.

I think any amount of time spent in the morning balancing the nervous system is extremely beneficial. It sets the tone for the entire day. When practiced consistently, it builds the circuitry for more presence, peace and resiliency over time. The more often I integrate some type of morning meditation into my days, the more I find myself able to flow through my days with ease and gratitude, regardless of what may come my way.

When practiced consistently, meditation builds the circuitry for more presence, peace and resiliency over time.

That’s why I’m sharing a very quick 5 minute meditation video from you youtube channel. Most of my clients tell me that that’s the amount of time that they have available. One thing I’ve noticed: once we begin to see the benefits that adding small meditation practices to our day can add to our lives, we begin to find more time to practice more often throughout the day! The effects that this can have our lives is profound. Life changing even.

Personally, I’ve taken up the ritual of getting up earlier. That way I am getting up with a purpose – my ME TIME. I find that this way I am actually excited to get out of bed in the morning. I go through the motions of my morning routine and my self care rituals, but most important of all of these is my meditation practice. The nervous system is the foundation of our well being, so if I am short on time meditation is the last thing to get the cut! Think of it as hygiene for your brain. You wouldn’t go a few days without brushing your teeth, so why would you go a few days without resetting your mind?

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