Kate Suhr & Ally Boothroyd – One Day Mini Yoga Retreat

This past weekend Kate Suhr and I lead our first Mini Yoga Retreat together.

The intention behind this yoga retreat was to dive in to an immersive experience in the most gentle and restorative way. To allow people the space to relax and breathe and also to take some new tools home with them to support their own self-care regimens.

To let go of the busyness of life and its demands and pause to listen to their own mind-body-spirit-heart’s desires & needs. To heal.

To slow down. To let go. To embrace silence. To nourish themselves and fill each of their cups.

To balance and ground the nervous system. To connect with nature and others in a safe and welcoming space.

It’s been my dream for a while now to create this space for people in the most accessible way possible. To allow individuals to take this much needed time for themselves without having to commit (both time-wise and financially) to a full week long yoga retreat or yoga teacher training. To offer an accessible space that people can come back to throughout the year to reboot, rebalance and reintegrate the multidimensional aspects of themselves.

I’m extremely thankful to my dear friend Kate for supporting me in this dream and diving in to leading this experience by my side. She is a genuinely beautiful soul with the most sincere intentions to support people on their life’s journey. Thank you Kate, for your knowledgeable words and your heart warming voice, for your compassionate and welcoming heart. Thank you for encouraging me to live my dharma. Your support has meant the world to me. To each of the wonderful souls that came to this first mini yoga retreat, thank you so much. You have no idea what it meant to me that you showed up to empower me to live my dreams. This would not have been possible without each of you.

May we be protected together,
May we be nourished together.
May we work together with great vigour.
May our studies be enlightening.
May no obstacles arise between us.
Peace, peace, peace ❤️🙏🏼

What people are saying about the Mini Retreat…

“Thank you Ally and Kate for this incredible day!!! It was exactly what I needed to refuel and relax.” – Linsday Halcovitch

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“It was a lovely day. Thank you for opening your home and hearts to us Ally and Kate.” – Ali Brown

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“You are both such inspiring people. Thank u so much for this Retreat. It was truly amazing!!” – Laura

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“Your intentions were exactly what I needed!! I feel very honoured and blessed to have had this experience. I can’t wait for the next one! You both have very beautiful souls.” – Lisa Diem

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“It was an amazing day! I highly recommend to take part in the next mini retreat.” – Cheryl Maxwell

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