Thank you for an amazing SUP season!

Thank you for the most amazing season ever. This summer has been an absolute dream. I am so grateful for all of the wonderful beings who joined in my Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga sessions this summer. We could not have asked for better weather or more glorious sunsets each and every evening that we paddled out to our secluded yoga bay. This daily ritual has been incredible for my soul on so many levels. I long for time on the water and this practice allows me the oppurtunity to spend those peaceful moments on the lake each and (almost) every evening this summer. I really hope to meet the demands for SUP Yoga next year and so I am starting to plan early. I am booking my 8 week sessions and also will begin to start booking private groups as early as I can. Please learn more about SUP YOGA and how to book a session HERE. I am extremely excited to offer this unique experience to connect with water and nature here on Pigeon Lake.  Thank you to each of you for the most peaceful and beautiful summer. Total bliss.

I have to thank Hugh Whitaker Photography and all of the girls who came out to make these beautiful photos happen. They capture our summer perfectly.

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