Thoughts on Anxiety and Retraining the Nervous System

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I’m awake in the wee hours of the morning again. Thinking and thinking and needing to write something down. Here’s what’s on my mind… I’m a person who used to suffer from debilitating anxiety. At some point along my journey in life, circumstances began to overwhelm my nervous system and I didn’t have the tools at the time to calm it back down. So a pattern emerged, fear deepened that pattern and before I knew it, fear and chest-collapsing, heart-stabbing pain would take over my body and my breath would become erratic, shallow and sometimes completely take on a life of its own. The panic attack would gain momentum and I was out of control to the point that I felt like I might be dying. My nervous system had formed such a strong fight or flight response and my amygdala (fire alarm of the brain) was hyperactive. Each time it happened, without the tools to get it under control, it re-wired my brain and nervous system to continue to strengthen this overactive response. Fear of my own body and nervous system began to keep me up at night and the cycle ensued with insomnia as a part of the strengthening pattern.

I look around this little planet and see how this culture is riddled with stress and millions of beings who lack the same resources I lacked to regain control of not only their central nervous systems but the very nature of their thoughts. I see all of the fear of others and violence and hate crimes and shootings…. I see that people have a tendency to resist or move away from their own unmet needs, unresolved emotions or unresolved grief… and that it’s almost encouraged in our society to shove that stuff down into the depths of our souls. It’s more acceptable to put on a brave face and be dying inside then to have the courage to face and express our feelings and emotions and move through them in a healthy way that allows our nerves to then relax…. and I also see so many babies and children growing up without being taught these important tools that can be easily learned from a very young age. It all starts with secure attachment in the infant phase, a basic trust in the world and feeling safe…. and then from there instilling the tools to calm and sooth the nerves throughout childhood and adolescence. The tools I speak of are easy to learn. Breathing techniques, meditation, basic knowledge of neuroplasticity and how the brain works. It is so much easier to instil a calm central nervous system as the foundation of a human being’s nature then it is to reverse years of habitual patterning in the brain…. That being said, it only takes a few weeks-months of basic mindfulness training to start seeing major physical changes in the structure of the brain itself. From there, with a consistent practise, inner peace, balance and resiliency are abundantly available to all. I guess what I am trying to say is that mindfulness and meditation are important. Learning about them and teaching these tools to our children is even more important. And that I believe the more people who take control of their own nervous system and thought patterns, the more we together co-create a collective consciousness that moves our whole planet towards peace, healing, safety and union. Once that momentum begins, of people taking time to gain control of their own lives, the ripple effect is huge.

Thanks for listening. If you are a person that suffers from anxiety, insomnia, racing thoughts, or thoughts that do not reflect your true nature (or any other issues of the central nervous system) please know that deep inner peace and calmness IS available to you. I promise. If you have any questions about mindfulness, meditation, breathing techniques to rewire your brain and central nervous system or yoga in general please know that I am here as a resource. I will gladly share with you some of the MANY free resources out there in the world today. So many brilliant people have dedicated their lives to this work ❤️ good night.

As a first resource here is one of my all time favourite techniques for calming the nervous system. My intention is to do this every day when I have the space. I do not beat myself up when it doesn’t happen. I gently come back to it every chance I get.

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