Earth Element Yoga with Lynn Miller

Earth Element Yoga – with Lynn Miller

Next Session Start Date – Wednesday Jan 9 – Feb 13 at 6:00pm – 7:30pm  ~ 6 Week Session.   Register for this Class  FAQ’s at the bottom of this page!   SIGN ME UP!

This active, strengthening, class focusing on breath and body awareness will include strengthening standing poses and earth supporting sequences and salutations, body scan meditations, yoga hand mudras and guided relaxation.

The model of the Five Elements describes all of creation as composed of earth, water, fire, air and space. Each individual is a unique combination of these five elements.

“Prithivi “means earth and is the name of the earth element. The qualities of the earth element are experienced within the physical body as strength and structural support especially in the bones and joints. At the psychological level, the earth element provides the emotional stability that allows us to move through life with a greater sense of trust and security. Cultivating a sense of stability and grounding we can release excess fear and anxiety.

The experience begins with a guided meditation centring & breathing (pranayama) techniques to instil a sense of presence in each moment throughout the practice. A warm-up (pratapana) to prepare the body for yoga poses & posture flows that move with the breath (vinyasa). A meditation in motion style of teaching promotes a strong mind-body connection while learning to listen to YOUR body’s wisdom is emphasized.

The attention of the class invites students to notice the subtle levels of sensation and breath as well as the transitions between each yoga pose. Benefits include stress relief, relaxation, balance, flexibility, strength, clarity of mind, increased memory, and a heightened love and respect for the body.

This class has lots of room for growth as well as modifications when needed. Each class ends with deep relaxation, meditation and a relaxation gentle hands on/energetic assist. (Optional)

FAQs – Can I join the session mid-way through? Yes! Currently there is space for people to join this class and the price would be prorated for the date that you join.

Can I drop in? Yes! Currently there is space for drop in students.

What is the price of the session? Drop in?  The prices of all classes and series are listed at the bottom of each description page below!

Next Session Start Date – Wednesday Jan 9 – Feb 13 at 6:00pm  ~ 6 Week Session.  . $90+HST/6 week session. (Drop in Available for $17.70+HST) ($20)   Register for this Class