Hot Yoga – Stoking Agni – The Sacred Fire

Hot Vinyasa Flow Yoga

NEXT SESSION START DATE – Thursday September 27th – November 1st – 6:00pm (6 Week Session) –  Register for this Series

I am so in love with hot yoga by the fireplace. This is my FAVOURITE class right now!

This new Hot Vinyasa Flow class is practiced in a heated room to aid in warming the body for the practice.   The heat aids your muscles to warm up and ease through their full range of motion within your own natural range of movement. Vinyasa means “to move with the breath” which is a flowing style of class rather then holding too many static poses over longer periods of time.

Whether you are looking to Improve your metabolism and circulation, or strengthen your cardiovascular system, this is the class for you!  Hot Yoga is known for it’s detoxification benefits through sweat along with rejuvenation of the skin.  Melt away years of stress and cleanse your body of toxins as you stretch and strengthen. A regular practice can lower cortisol levels, calm the mind, increase mental clarity and release and reduce stress and tension.

Watch your face and skin develop “the hot yoga glow” as your eyes become brighter and your skin becomes more clear and soft.

As you sweat, your pores are opened and cleaned allowing natural lanolin to release through the pores, softening and preserving your skin’s elasticity. As your body detoxifies, you may eventually never need deodorant again! (This has been my personal favourite benefit!)

A combination of the heat and the moving, twisting, extending and compressing of every joint can help alleviate arthritis. Furthermore, hot yoga is also known to help people with back pain, stiff necks, headaches, scoliosis, herniated disks and many other back problems. Yoga moves the spine in every direction with many beneficial backbends, creating a healthy spine and thus a healthy nervous system.

Yoga also helps balance the emotions in several ways.

Physiologically a regular practice harmonizes the nervous and endocrine systems – two systems which play a large part in emotional well-being. Practicing Hot Yoga cultivates the mental faculties of faith, self-control, concentration, determination, gratitude and patience. As we become more aware of our inner life, we notice how events, interactions, affect us. As we become more aware, we begin to see how our outer life is a reflection of our inner life and we exercise better choices in our responses. This helps us balance to our inner emotional life and ultimately our relationship to the outside world.

The experience begins with a guided meditation centring & breathing (pranayama) techniques to instil a sense of presence in each moment throughout the practice. A warm-up (pratapana) to prepare the body for yoga poses & posture flows that move with the breath (vinyasa). A meditation in motion style of teaching promotes a strong mind-body connection while learning to listen to YOUR body’s wisdom is emphasized. The styles of postures (asanas) that you will explore in this class include strengthening (warriors, planks, bridges, lunges, down dogs), balancing (trees, dancers, figure 4s, balancing tables), stretching (pigeons, forward folds,  runner’s stretches), heart opening (dancers, puppy stretches, camels, bows) the seven movements of the spine (flexion, extension, length, twists & lateral stretches) and many more. The attention of the class invites students to notice the subtle levels of sensation and breath as well as the transitions between each yoga pose. Benefits include stress relief, relaxation, balance, flexibility, strength, clarity of mind, increased memory, and a heightened love and respect for the body. This class has lots of room for growth as well as modifications when needed. Each class ends with deep relaxation, meditation and a relaxation gentle hands on/energetic assist. (Optional)

Please arrive well hydrated. Don’t forget your water bottle!

FAQ – How hot will the room be? This new Hot Vinyasa Flow class is practiced in a heated room (92-96C) to aid in warming the body for the practice. It’s more accessible then some styles of hot yoga that are practiced in 105C or hotter, which is simply too hot for some people.

Note: This series of classes is a good choice for both strong beginners and yogis with a regular practice!  If you are looking for a class that challenges you as opposed to purely relaxation and stretching then this is the class for you.

($100 + HST/person, spaces are limited – please preregister to avoid disappointment)

NEXT SESSION START DATE – Thursday September 27th – November 1st – 6:00pm – 6 Week Session $100+HST/person or 17.70+HST for a drop in class ($20) –  Register for this Series