Reflections From Our Community

“Ally’s Yoga classes inspire a depth of connection like no other. What she brings to the practice is a meeting of the many dimensions of ourselves; mind, body, psyche, spirit and emotions, all held in a container of ritual and sacred space. Ally has enhanced my life, as the co-director of our 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training, with her skilled leadership and inspired way of being. What she offers is just what the world needs; space and time to deeply restore wholeness, connection and love.”

–  Tiina Kivinen, Amrita Living Yoga 1000 RYT 


“Ally is an incredible yoga educator, teacher trainer and retreat leader with years of experience. She has a gift that she so generously shares with the world and this incredible ability to infuse the deeper teachings of yoga and philosophy into her classes in a way that is relatable and understandable to the modern practitioner. Her classes are a beautiful blend of technical alignment, creative sequencing, interwoven themes and yoga philosophy, with each class intentionally curated to leave you feeling relaxed, refreshed, recharged and inspired. Her depth and insight, as well as her ability to create a safe and sacred space is what makes her classes so special.”

–  Lindsay Vandenhurk, Discover Your Yoga 500 KRYT 


“Ally’s love for yoga and the mind/body connection runs so very deep. She has a beautiful way of holding space for each life she embraces, and is constantly aspiring to learn how we as humans grow and heal. Her classes are always enriched with meditation, mindfulness, asana for all body types, and an inspiring connection to the soul. I have always been so inspired by her passion and dedication to help each person explore and navigate through their own personal journey – always there to guide, nurture and support. Ally truly is a light in this world. “

–  Kate Suhr, Amrita Living Yoga Teacher and graduate of Ally’s 200 Hour YTT

 What Students Are Saying


“I started Yoga with Ally a few months ago, and have enjoyed every class! Ally is so calming, and she introduces new moves, and options, so that all involved can experiment and find their most suitable position. She is so inspiring, and her true passion for Yoga shines through in every class, always smiling, and gently correcting. She is also very involved in the community, and her training as well. I look forward to every class, she is so welcoming and helpful, always eager to pass on her knowledge. A lovely family, and such a positive attitude , walking into her studio, you instantly relax, and shift. Looking forward to some up and coming workshops at the studio!”

~Liz Forster


“I’ve been attending yoga classes with Ally for a few months now and I’m hooked! My energy levels are up, stress is down and I notice a big difference in my day to day health. Ally is incredible at what she does and puts her heart and soul into each and every class. I most recently tried one of her Yoga Nidra classes, and it was much more than I expected…talk about extreme relaxation! I highly recommend it and all her other classes, I’ve tried them all! There’s a class for everyone! Thanks Ally!”

~Stacey Brasier


“Sarovara yoga has been my entrance way into a yoga filled life. Ally has an incredible gift and creates such a peaceful, encouraging, and blissful atmosphere. She has an incredible talent to gage classes from beginner to advance as well as is always providing helpful modifications for every pose to best adapt students while encouraging growth and progression in their practice. I highly suggest everyone to experience her teachings as well as her beautiful lake view studio. Simply blissful.”

~Jessica Woolsey


“Experienced my first yoga nidra practice at Sarovara today! Feeling rejuvenated, refreshed and relaxed. So good!!!”

~Jenny Kastner


“Inspired & radiant! It’s lovely to have teachers leading by example.

~Tamara Leigh


“Had my first SUP class today! What a way to end a weekend and start a new week! Today was also my second yoga class that I’ve ever done! Ally made it a safe and yet very tranquil experience, on the water in the heart of nature! There were lots of different choices to challenge your practice for those who are more experienced. Thanks for a beautiful evening All”

~Kortney Hilderbrandt


“Completed my first SUP Yoga class last night with Ally! What an amazing experience to practice out on the water with the birds chirping, clouds rolling, and water softly flowing beneath you! Don’t let it intimidate you either! Ally offered lots of safe options for those who were not prepared to stand and gave clear instruction for those who were! It was so beautiful out on the water… can’t wait to get back on the board next week! A MUST TRY!”

~Amanda Fleming


“I’m loving SUP yoga with Ally. The classes are peaceful and tranquil in a natural venue with birds and frogs providing the music. It’s a step up from yoga on a mat but access able to all. Thank you Ally.”

~Susan Dallas-Wood


“Ally is an amazing soul and teacher. SUP classes this summer were incredible. Not only the instruction, but the location as well made these classes a whole experience encompassing not only the physical aspect but totally fulfilling mind and spirit as well. I don’t know of anywhere else where in your practice you hear the call of the loon, see the ducks paddle by or see the osprey and bald eagle soar! Ally has the gift of making everyone in the class feel not only safe, but apart of the universe as one.

~Daphne Tomaszewski


“If you have ever considered yoga or are just looking for a relaxing and peaceful experience you need to check out Sarovara Yoga! Their space right on the lake is one of the nicest and peaceful settings I have been in an and Ally is truly an amazing teacher! The Yoga Nidra workshop/experience has allowed me to be more mindful and continues to help me reduce stress and anxiety and be more in the moment. Highly recommended!”

~Mark Norris


“Sarovara Yoga is my favourite place on earth. My experience there is always the most relaxing escape from reality. Not only is the studio located in the most serene part of the Kawartha’s, you’ll be getting the best instruction from Ally. She has the ability to challenge every single person in the class and still work within individual abilities. Ally has always been able to lead me through a session and take my mind off any distractions, but at the same time she makes her classes fun, and not too serious. Ally’s SUP sessions are definitely something that I would like to do again, and worth the try for anyone looking for a fun and challenging workout!!”

~Emily Tenwesteneind